I have competed and won in the international live painting art challenge known as Art Battle. In 2022 I won an award for a watercolour portrait painting I made with more that 2000 submitting artists from 60 counties. This competition was juried by the USA's top 20 art galleries.

I have been painting and drawing for my whole life. There are now art collectors all over the world with my work in their homes. As early as 7 years old I began selling commissioned drawings and logos around the schoolyard. Handing in school art products late so as to get them just right was commonplace to the point where my childhood art teachers waived deadlines and allowed me the time to complete assignments on my own schedule.

In recent years, I have been doing live paintings at weddings; murals for residential homes and storefronts; and plein air landscapes. When I'm in public I welcome onlookers to ask questions and watch me work. I enjoy talking to those curious enough to start a conversation with me. 

I have spent many months living out of vehicles all across Canada painting and drawing the landscapes and wildlife I see. I usually have a camera on me for capturing photos for later reference.

I've been known to work with other photographers and models in studio settings to capture expressive moments. I have a couple of series on the go at the moment. The included pieces are not yet publicly known.