Phyllis Latour

$600.00 - $625.00

Phyllis Latour
5x7" watercolour on cold pressed paper
March 8, 2021

For international women's Day, I did a portrait of Phyllis Latour. Purple, green and white are the official International Women's Day colours, so the portrait features them.

Phyllis "Pippa" Latour MBE was an agent of the United Kingdom's clandestine Special Operations Executive organisation during World War II in France. The purpose of SOE was to conduct espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance in countries occupied by the Axis powers, especially Nazi Germany.

She turned 100 in April of 2021 and after getting in contact with the legion in her region, I was able to have the veterans gift an enlarged print of this painting to her for her 100th year celebration.

Choose to buy just the original or to have it matted in black or white before being shipped.
Mat will allow the artwork to fit into an 8x10" frame. A mat will provide the space between the glass and the artwork's surface, which is recommended.

All 'mat included' options come with a ph neutral backing board and is assembled and ready to be framed.

All originals come with tracking and the number will be provided upon dispatch.

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